Nokia cancels NFC-equipped 6216 handset

Visa may be pushing ahead to bring NFC to phones via microSD cards, but it looks like phones with built-in NFC capabilities have now suffered a bit of a setback, as Nokia has officially canceled its already delayed 6216 handset. That phone was a rather unimpressive candy bar in most respects, but it was the first such phone that would have tied NFC payments to a carrier’s SIM card, which Nokia had hoped would have been enough to at least give it a foothold, if not kick-start a wave of NFC handsets. For its part, Nokia isn’t offering too many details on the reasons for the cancellation, saying only that it felt “the quality of the consumer experience was not what it needed to be,” and adding that its “commitment to NFC remains as strong as ever.”


2 Response to "Nokia cancels NFC-equipped 6216 handset"

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